Anahid Sarkissian, the founder of Parev Arev Publications, is an artist, writer, educator and a children’s author who lives in Paris, France.

The colorful, stylized illustrations, the evocative and humorous characters and stories Sarkissian has created have won her children’s books popular acclaim in many communities of the Diaspora.

All Parev Arev books are in Western Armenian.

Books for K-2 grades(retail USD $12)

Oor E Oor, Kudir Door

(Where Is It?)

A game that introduces the child to a number of animals and various parts of their bodies: The lion’s mane, the camel’s hump and the crow’s beak.

Loosinin Shabigu

(The Moon’s Shirt )

A story that takes place above the clouds, where we meet the moon in her various phases: The crescent, the half moon and the full moon.

Mugnigu Yev Asdghigu

(The Tiny Mouse & The Little Star)

A Christmas story in which a forlorn mouse is able to reach its aim with the help of other mice – both acquaintances and strangers.



Readers for 8 years and older(retail USD $12)

Oriort Shooshanig

Oriort Shooshanig(Miss Shooshanig)

It had been a while since Miss Shooshanig had passed the fifty mark, and yet she told everyone she had just turned forty. Confidently she waited for her knight to arrive any day on his white mare. A good cook and an expert in sewing, Miss Shooshanig lacked only one thing in her life.



Baron Nigoghos I

Baron Nigoghos IMr. Nigoghos was a lonely, old man. When was he born, how old is he – he doesn’t even know. Mr. Nigoghos simply embodies the Diaspora.



Baron Nigoghos II

Baron Nigoghos IIThe story of Mr. Nigoghos continues in this second book.





GiragossuWho did Guiragos take after in the family? He has no resemblance to anyone in the household. His father and mother, and especially Miss Nazig – all were out of their wits wondering.



Mer Guiragossu

Mer Giragossu(Our Guiragoss)

The young Guiragoss continues his adventures in this second installment.



Yes Gu Khagham Takavorin Hed

Yes Gu Khagham Takavorin Hed(I'm Playing with the King)

The king was glibly talkative, the queen was immaculately clean, and yet the palace was covered in dust. Push the gates open, get in and, scratching your head, get acquainted with the daily worries of the royal family.


Sets of two books with CD for K-2 grades (retail USD $25)

Sevoolig Sartigu

Sevoolig Sartigu(The Black Spider)

Two stories that demonstrate in rhymic cadence how the spider weaves its web and the reason that bats do not sleep at night. Each tale also has its own song.

Gaghant Zadig

Gaghant Zadig(Christmas & Easter)

Two stories that introduce the traditional characters of Christmas and Easter – Santa Claus and the chicken that lay the colorful eggs. Each tale is written in rhyme and is accompanied by its own song.

Guiragui Or Mu

Guiragui Or Mu(On A Sunday)

Two tales written in rhyme and accompanied by their individual songs. The first introduces the caterpillar, which grows by munching on the mulberry leaves, weaves its cocoon, enters its chrysalis state and then emerges as a butterfly. The second story involves crabs and their peculiar dance leftware and rightward but never forward.

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Children’s Rhymes in Color

Anahid Sarkissian has already written and sung about embroidering spiders, families of bats, and songs for Christmas and Easter. This born pedagogue, singer, teller and illustrator has just released a new album -- two story booklets and a CD, where one finds the mischievous characters and charming melodies of her previous work.

Every day at the break of the sun, the little caterpillar munches on a mulberry leaf. Every day she becomes just a bit bigger, until one day she finds herself muffled up in a giant thread of silk. One can readily guess the conclusion…

At sundown, a tiny crab walks along the beach where, day after day, he finds more and more friends.

In Anahid’s stories, nothing is left to chance -- colors, numbers, days of the week. She relies on the playful repetition of delicate refrains in order to invoke the fundamentals of the Armenian language. And the children, enchanted by these jovial characters, are invited to join in the dance and the expressive gesticulation with the rhythmic ditties.

Two colorful books, plenty of originality and wit.

— Nouvelles d’Arménie

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On a Sunday

Listen one and all! Anahid Sarkissian is about to take out her latest box for young children and, remaining true to her universe of tiny animals, she has chosen to introduce the little ones to the adventures of a gluttonous caterpillar and a bunch of rose-colored crabs. In these two books titled On A Sunday, she relates the transformation of a caterpillar into butterfly, she makes kids add one to one with the help of dancing crabs, and she teaches them to name the days of the week by counting the leaves of white mulberries.

To learn while having fun - that is the devious trick Anahid uses through these books as well as through her songs or the classes that she teaches at the Tebrotzassere preschool.

Singer, musician and illustrator, this conscientious educator has the talent to charm pupils as well as young readers whether with the sharp humor of her illustrations or the witty songs on her CDs. "Once upon a time, on a Sunday."

— Florence G. Yeremian

The Moon's Shirt