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Mur-Mur Toto book cover


Mur-Mur Toto Yev Vana Harsig
(Mur-Mur Toto and the Little Bride of Van)

A picture book of the adventures of a household cat who goes on a quest to reconnect with its tribe on the Isle of Aghtamar and bring back its awaiting bride.


Can a household cat set out from Los Angeles across the oceans and seas to Lake Van to lay claim to its promised bride, “the queen of cats -- the Van cat, with fur as luminously white as Mount Sipan, one eye yellow and the other blue and who inhabits the shores of Lake Van”? Mur-Mur Toto, the author’s household cat, does exactly that in this contemporary folk tale.

His adventures on the shores of the fabled lake Van is sure to bring a smile on the face of any child and their family members. The color pocket of the inside back cover of the book holds a bonus surprise—an eight-panel, four-color glossy postcard with snapshots of Toto, the Bride from Van as well as stunning photographs of Lake Van, Isle of Aghtamar, Sourp Khatch church, Mount Sipan and the ruins of the Urartian castle. The insert also extends the story into various experiences for family and classroom execution through traditional Armenian folk games.



Western Armenian/Mashtots spelling
Age Group: 5-7
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4507-0548-6
Format: Full-color stock, Laminated paperback
Pages: 24
Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 10
Price: $15