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Alidz Agbabian Presents Armenian Folktales
at the AARP Convention

The Armenian Observer

LOS ANGELES, October 26, 2006 — Sponsored by the Grandparenting Pavilion at the AARP Life @ 50+ Convention, storyteller Alidz Agbabian presented Armenian Folktales at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

The performances Thursday and Saturday were part of a series of presentations by storytellers from different ethnic minorities in California.

Agbabian integrated personal family stories on intergenerational relationships between grandparents and grandchildren with traditional Armenian folk tales and folk songs appropriate for all ages.

A professional storyteller, Alidz Agbabian specializes in Armenian and Middle Eastern oral traditions. She develops theme presentations for musems in conjunction with exhibits, performs at festivals, libraries and schools. As an author of Armenian children’s books, she has established Dziludzar Publications which, for the past 10 years, has introduced high-quality story books from the Armenian tradition to Armenian as well as nonArmenian communities nationwide.

“During my recent trip to Cilicia and historic Armenia,” says Agbabian, “I had a chance to see Hassanbeyli—the village where my grandmother and great-greatparents were born, as well as my paternal grandfather's home in the old Armenian quarters in the city of Aintab (now Gazi Antep).

“This was a pilgrimage which, after my return, inspired me to read more about the history of my ancestors. I am very happy that for the AARP National Convention I had the opportunity to incorporate into my storytellling some of the experiences I had, witnessing the existence of a past which now lives in me.”