Based in Los Angeles, Alidz Agbabian specializes in Armenian folk and fairy tales, myths and fables. Her multimedia storytelling events—held in classrooms, libraries and museums throughout California—have earned her critical and popular acclaim.

She offers interactive hands-on workshops with special follow-up handouts for educators, parent groups, camps, church groups and various other organizations. She also develops presentations for museum exhibits and festivals.

Agbabian’s storytelling repertoire includes a wide range of traditions from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the former Soviet republics, with folksongs and rhythmic exercises, body movements from the Armenian folk dance tradition, interactive folk games, visuals, cultural artifacts and discussions.

Her workshops allow the participants to:

Workshop Themes


Workshops are offered for all of Dzil-u-Dzar’s publications (Please see the list of publications).

In an interactive and supportive environment, discover the underlying themes of the stories and explore artistic and instructional means of creating a cultural environment around the narrative and imagery.

Learn how to integrate the stories with everyday life experiences, skills and talents.


Birds of Spirit, Birds of Song
Dwells on the prevalence of birds in Armenian culture. Stories, legends, songs and artwork derived from Armenian manuscripts.

Folktales, songs, dance and artwork, celebrating the Armenian spring carnival.

One for the Birds, One for the Mice and Grasshoppers
Environmental awareness through Armenian folktales.

Mountains and Rocks, Sun and Moon
Armenian myths and fables; easy to tell and perform.

I’ve Been to the Mountains So Steep
Wise shepherds, wise goats and kids; stories of wisdom for everyday living.

Talent and Identity: Intergenerational Relationships
Stories about developing creative expression through innate talent, skills and intergenerational role models.

Bible Stories
Jesus’ life, parables and teachings integrated with Armenian traditional prayers, folk poems, proverbs, songs, chants and artwork derived from medieval Armenian illuminated manuscripts.